About Us

Barleycove is the creation of singer-songwriter, Laura Jones-Thomas.  Heavily inspired by Damien Rice, The Civil Wars, Ani Difranco, and Patty Griffin, barleycove seeks to create the intimacy and genuine nature captured by these artists in their own music whether it be through a recording or live performace.  Laura believes music is about our connectivity with one another, and that it is through music that we can transcend and rise above negative circumstances in our lives.  She truly believes that music can bring healing. 

Laura has been singing since she was in the back carseat of her parents' '72 Chevelle.  "Being able to choose a cassette tape on a road trip was one of my favorite activities.  Elton John, Billy Joel, and the Eagles were on my radar and chosen frequently."  Being the southern girl that she is, Laura grew up singing in church along with taking piano and violin lessons.  Laura was awarded a small voice scholarship to Erskine College, but it was not enough to sway her to major in music.  "I was terrified of music theory, so I chose not to pursue music as my major.  I do regret that at times."  Going on to obtain a bachelors and then a masters in the field of education, Laura has had a successful career as a teacher and won numerous awards.  However, it is through teaching and telling her students to go after their dreams that she realized she needed to practice what she preached. Through a chance kareoke night and wise counsel of close friends, Laura was encouraged to develope her singer-songwriter side.  "I was so afraid of what others would think, or say to myself that I wasn't as talanted as ________(fill in the blank with the plethera of talented artists out there) that I should not even try. I had to get past that and realize that what I create is original and needs release!"  

Jesse Thomas is a classically trained guitaritst, who can also wow any audience with his amazing sequential art skills!  A graduate of SCAD in Savannah, GA, Jesse devoted many years publishing his own comic book series, Nightcraft,  while thoughts of a career in music were cast aside. He cites Bruce Springsteen, Bon Jovi, and John Williams as major influences. Jesse always had dreams of recording, but knew he needed to pair up with someone who can create the melodies.  He felt that playing with Laura could be that combination he needed, and joined forces with her in 2012. Jesse's love of guitar playing was actualized yet again. Not afraid to vamp up a performance with a spicy guitar solo or lick, Jesse brings back a little bit of 80's metal to the stage, or he can wind it down Estenban style.  Versitale could be his middle name.

After a rainy night performance, Tim Trammel asked the duo if they could use a drummer.  The almost instantanious answer was, yes!  Laura and Jesse felt that this was what the band needed to take the music to a "whole, nother level".   Tim grew up listening to mostly country radio in the '70s and discovered rock in the '80s.  He started palying percussion in his Jr. High band around that time.  He remembers that his mother had a rack full of 45s from the late '50s/early '60s that he used to listen to when he was even younger.  He would hide under the bed with a Fisher-Price record playing trying to sing along with Elvis', "It's Now or Never"  to "Little Egypt" by the Coasters.  He will tell you "In my childhood innocence, I thought it was a hilarious song. Well, I still think it is a funny song!"  Tim continued to play in marching bands, concert bands, orchestras, school musicals and jam sessions.  HIs drumming heroes include:  Buddy Rich, Neil Pert, Stewart Copeland, John Bonham, Keith Moon, Max Roach, Gene Krupa, and Lional Hampton. He loves all types of inventive uses of percussion and still has those old 45s!  

Fast forward to 2015, singer-songwriter, Nick Evangelista decided to join the band.  Twas kismet upon meeting one Sunday at the Chapman Cultural Center for a Music Mosaic performance.  The band just knew the styles would align and have been playing together ever since. Nick, a former member of the 80s band, Signals, has always kept music a part of his life and wowed the Upstate with his troubadour talents.

Who knows what the future holds for this band, but it is going to be a fun ride!