Lights, Camera, Video Shoot Time!

Shooting the video for our first single, 'Transit Love'.

In preparation of releasing our first LP, we began shooting the video for our first single, "Transit Love," this past Tuesday at the lovely, Stomping Grounds, in Greer, SC.  We are working with up-and-coming director, Tiffany Weathers, of FireFly INK Productions out of Greenville, SC.  She was interested in working with us, and she understood the direction and message of the song.  

A huge thank you to Lisa and Grey Garland for allowing us to shoot at Stomping Grounds, and to all of our friends, new and old, who stood it out with such patience and grace while being filmed.  We truly feel blessed by the support of our community and feel the love for independent musicians trying to pursue their passion. Thanks for believing in us!